Geoscience BC Announces Earth Science Viewer Updates

May 28, 2015 - Geoscience BC is pleased to announce significant updates to its Earth Science Viewer, which includes new features and content for a fuller interactive user experience.

These updates allow the user to

  • download data and search results through the map viewer,
  • upload and visualize the user's spatial datasets,
  • export georeferenced images and share map views by email or post to social media,
  • drill down through multiple data layers with on-screen selections, and
  • enjoy an enhanced experience with their tablets and smartphone.

Although currently in the beta stage of development, the Earth Science Viewer will undergo regular improvements as HTML5 and Geocortex capabilities evolve. These changes will continue even after the upcoming launch of version 1.0.

Our future plans to improve the experience using Geoscience BC data and the Earth Science Viewer include

  • allowing the user to set symbolization within the viewer,
  • improving the upload and download functionalities, and
  • developing new print templates.

We look forward to bringing you more updates through 2015. We encourage your feedback and welcome your comments.

The site can be accessed through or by pressing the button below.

Launch the Earth Science Viewer
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