Geoscience BC Announces Airborne Geophysical Survey in Kootenay Area

September 8, 2008- Geoscience BC, in partnership with Dajin Resources Corp. and Sultan Minerals Inc., is funding an airborne geophysical survey in southeast British Columbia starting in mid-September. The survey is designed to provide new geoscience information to help further our understanding of the mineral potential of this historic mining camp.

Fugro Airborne Surveys will fly this $542,000 time-domain electromagnetic survey over a 609 square kilometre area that stretches from Nelson to the US border, using a helicopter with sensing instruments suspended below the aircraft. The survey will commence on September 15th and run until approximately November 15th.

"The aim of the survey is to provide new geoscience information to help attract additional mineral exploration investment into this region and its communities," said 'Lyn Anglin, President and CEO of Geoscience BC. "Similar surveys in central British Columbia have led to an improved understanding of the region's geology and increased industry investment, and we're confident that this survey will do the same for the Kootenays."

The Kootenay area is highly prospective for base metal deposits such as lead-zinc, tungsten skarns and copper-gold porphyries, and was rated by the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources as having some of the highest mineral potential in British Columbia. The survey area includes the historic Jersey, HB and Reeves-Macdonald mines which were the second, third and fourth largest lead-zinc producers in the province. The survey also covers the historic Emerald tungsten mine -- Canada's second largest tungsten producer, the Sheep Creek gold camp and the Ymir gold camp.

The airborne survey will provide geologists with information about the rocks well below the surface, which will in turn help to identify exploration targets. The survey will complement other geoscience projects operating in the region, many of which have been coordinated as part of Natural Resources Canada's TGI-3 program. Results of the survey will be incorporated in Natural Resources Canada's databases and will be available for free in Spring 2009 through Natural Resources Canada and Geoscience BC's websites. Images of the data will also be posted on the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources' MapPlace website.

Geoscience BC is an industry-led, industry-focused not for profit society. Its mandate includes the collection, interpretation and marketing of geoscience data and expertise to promote investment in resource exploration and development in British Columbia. Geoscience BC works in partnership with industry, academia, government, First Nations and communities to attract mineral and oil & gas investment to BC.

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