CLOSED: Invitation to Quote: 2010 Northern BC Geochemical Reanalysis Project

As part of Geoscience BC's on-going efforts to update the British Columbia geochemical database, there is a requirement for a full service analytical laboratory to provide 53-element ICP-MS analysis with an Aqua Regia digestion on 0.5 gram drainage sediment samples.

Analytical labs responding to this invitation to quote (ITQ) must be based in British Columbia, utilize BC registered Certified Assayers, have the experience and capacity to process large numbers of samples, have appropriate internal quality control and quality assurance measures and the ability to report results in hardcopy and digital formats in a timely fashion.

For more details on this ITQ, submission guidelines and technical contacts, please download the following:

2010 Northern BC Geochemical Reanalysis Project - INVITATION TO QUOTE

Deadline for submission is noon (Pacific) on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010. Proposals that do not conform to the guidelines will be disregarded.  

Invitation to Quote is CLOSED

Answers to enquiries which are relevant to the quality of quotes will be posted below. Such enquiries must be received at least two (2) working days before the closing date.