CLOSED: Geoscience to Stimulate Exploration Activity in the Nechako Basin, British Columbia

In support of our mandate to attract oil and gas investment to the Nechako basin area of BC, Geoscience BC is pleased to issue this request for proposals for applied geoscience projects that will further the understanding of the evolution and hydrocarbon potential of the Nechako basin. We encourage proposal submissions from industry, academia, government, First Nations, communities and not-for-profit organizations.

Over the last three years, Geoscience BC has provided funding for a range of geoscience projects in the Nechako basin, and many of these results are now available. Projects that obtain additional information from these existing datasets, or develop integrated interpretations from multiple datasets, or acquire additional appropriately targeted geoscience information are welcomed.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Reprocessing of the 2008 Geoscience BC Vibroseis survey; attenuation of scattered coherent noise is one area of interest, but proponents are encouraged to examine the seismic data, which is available from the Geoscience BC web-site, and to propose their own approaches to improved seismic imaging.
  • Quantitative simulation of the response of airborne electromagnetic surveys over the Nechako basin using the results from existing magnetotelluric and borehole surveys in order to discriminate Cretaceous sedimentary rocks from other lithologies at depths up to 2 km.
  • Heat flow and thermal evolution of the Nechako basin. Cost effective measurement of heat flow or the identification of areas of elevated present heat flow from other data are areas of interest.
  • Geological studies of basin stratigraphy and faulting, especially those that can provide age and paleoenvironmental constraints on the various stages of basin evolution using chips or cores recovered from boreholes or the available outcrop.
  • Constraints on the distribution and thickness of the Eocene volcanics from either direct sampling or remote sensing methods.
  • Development of regional tectonic models that integrate a wide variety of relevant geoscience datasets, including faulting history, and have the potential to indicate the thickness of Cretaceous and/or Eocene sedimentary rocks across the basin.
  • Slimhole drilling to constrain stratigraphy under the volcanics and borehole logs that complement recovered core.

For more details on the RFP and proposal guidelines, please download the following:

Proposals that do not conform to the submission guidelines will be disregarded.



Proposal proponents are advised that Geoscience BC requires all projects accepted for funding to enter into a Project Agreement with Geoscience BC. The following are samples of the current versions of these agreements (subject to change):

Proponents (particulary university-based proponents) are advised to review Geoscience BC's terms and conditions prior to submitting a proposal. Any questions regarding the agreements should be directed to Christa Sluggett, Project Geologist and Communications Coordinator (contact info in Request for Proposals and Agreement files).