CLOSED: Analysis and Follow-up of QUEST Project Geoscience Data

Geoscience BC is pleased to issue this request for proposals (RFP) for projects to analyze geoscience data acquired in the GBC QUEST Project area. Projects may address a specific area of interest, or may be quite general in scope.

This RFP does not replace Geoscience BC's annual call for proposals for geoscience projects throughout BC, which will be issued in early September.

Topics of work that Geoscience BC would like to see addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • Integration of the new data with existing publicly-available or industry-available geoscience data, including the existing magnetic, geologic, and topographic data sets.
  • Analysis of the data to increase its usefulness, for example, inversion of the airborne electromagnetic data, airborne gravity data, pre-existing aeromagnetic data, or the joint analysis of these data sets to infer depth of cover, bedrock geology, or features of interest.
  • Statistical analysis of the geochemical data to identify favourable target areas, or other geological information. GBC encourages project applicants to consider the information content in the full analytical suite of elements provided in the data, perhaps in conjunction with the other data sets available.
  • Projects that "database" and display the data in innovative and useful ways. These might consider how to make available, to the general (i.e. potentially non-technical) user, the results of inversion or statistical analysis of the data.
  • Ground-truthing or interpretation of the geophysical and / or the geochemical data, particularly in areas of cover, to aid the exploration community in the use of the data.
  • Integration and interpretation of the regional data provided by the QUEST Project to create an interpreted geology map in areas covered by glacial drift.
  • Production of mineral prospectivity maps for different deposit types within the QUEST area.
  • Other projects, which complement and add value to the available QUEST Project data sets.

For more details please download the following:

Request for Proposals Submission Guidelines Budget Template

Proposals that do not conform to the submission guidelines will be disregarded.