Search Project
The Search Project is a new multi-year minerals project in BC's west-central region. Named "Search" to highlight the region's unique geology--an area arching two of the province's mineral-rich geological terranes--this project is gathering new, high-resolution data to help geologists and land-users alike gain a better understanding of the ground beneath their feet. To date, the Geoscience BC Board has approved $2.4 million in funding to support Phase I and Phase 2 of the Search project. This major project kicked off in August 2015, with the Phase 1 airborne magnetic survey. A Phase 2 airborne survey is planned for 2016, in an area to the east and additional activities are under consideration.

Search Overview Map

Survey Aircrafts

The Phase I Search project area roughly extends south from Terrace to Kitimat and east to Smithers. The area was surveyed in 2008 with airborne gravity and electromagnetic (EM) survey technology as part of Geoscience BC's QUEST-West project, which was done in partnership with the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako and the Northern Development Initiative Trust. The new Search project used utilize magnetic sensor technology mounted on a helicopter to gather regional data at a line spacing of 250 metres = a much higher resolution than what currently exists in the public domain. The magnetic survey passively read the natural magnetic signature of the earth using a magnetometer, while the surveys flown in 2008 measured the resistivity and conductivity (EM) and gravity responses of the earth at 2- and 4-kilometre line spacings.

Robin Archdekin, Geoscience BC's president & CEO said, "The Search Project will generate high-resolution earth science information to support investment and opportunities for First Nations and communities in British Columbia's central northwest. This new data will also equip mineral explorers in B.C. with great tools for the eventual market recovery."

Final Deliverables
Geoscience BC Report 2016-02: Search Project - 2015 Airborne Magnetic Survey Report
July 27, 2016: Geoscience BC News Release - Geoscience BC Launches Largest Airborne Magnetic Survey in its History
January 26, 2016: Geoscience BC News Release - Airborne Survey Unlocks Resource Potential - West-Central British Columbia
June 24, 2015: Geoscience BC News Release - Geoscience BC Announces New Search Project

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