Geoscience BC currently has six RFPs open that relate to our Minerals strategic focus area. Each RFP has its own web page, which includes all associated documents and information.
  • RFP 2018-01: Exploring the Big Gap in Copper-Gold Deposits of BC's Central Interior
  • RFP 2018-02: New Tools for Discovery
  • RFP 2018-03: Unlocking Value - A Smarter Look at Big Data
  • RFP 2018-04: Understanding Water
  • RFP 2018-05: Competitive, Responsible Mines for the Future
  • RFP 2018-06: Capturing, Preserving and Capitalizing our Heritage of Geoscience
Each RFP topic has been selected using feedback received during the development of Geoscience BC's Strategic Plan 2018-2022, as well as expert input from Geoscience BC's volunteer Minerals Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Q: Can you provide a shapefile of the boundary where you are accepting proposals for RFP2018-01?
A: The shapefile is now posted under the RFP2018-01 "Documents" section.

Q: Should the budget include a list of consulting hours for different people involved in the proposed project, or a lump sum for estimated labor for the people involved?
A: Please list consulting hours and rates for each key person involved in the proposed project.

Q: The webinar mentioned that preference would be given to proposals which included training. Could you please elaborate on that?
A: A proposal will not be eliminated because it does not have a training component. Training opportunities in a particular proposal could give it an edge in the review process when compared with an apparently equal proposal. Training opportunities don't need the be the essence of a proposal, but where a project participant, at any level of responsibility, gains knowledge, skills or abilities as a result of the project that is a desired outcome. Consultancies may have seasonal assistants (e.g. students or local hires), staff that realize professional development opportunities or supporting service providers that develop new practice areas (e.g. laboratory procedures).

Q: My proposal seems to fit more than one of the RFPs. Should I submit a copy to each of the RFPs that it is relevant to?
A: No -- we understand there are overlaps between the subject matter of the RFPs and a proposal can fit into more than one. Pick the one that seems to fit your proposal best and submit it only once. The best-fit RFP should be identified in Section 1 of the Proposal template form, and can be followed by a note stating the other relevant RFPs. It will not be discounted if it seems, upon review, to fit better in another one, nor are there specific quotas or budgets affixed to each RFP.

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Join us on July 31st and September 13th for a live webinar to get an overview of the RFP process and to answer any questions you may have - during the broadcast please email questions to . Please note that the webinars will be posted on our YouTube channel following the webinar should you be unable to tune in live.

RFP Webinar #1 - Tuesday, July 31 at 1:00 pm PST

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RFP Webinar #2 - Thursday, September 13 at 1:00 pm PST

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