Geoscience BC Report 2017-04

2016 RGS Sample Reanalysis Project (parts of NTS 082G, 082J, 092N, 093E, 093H, 103O, 103P and 104N)
by W. Jackaman, Noble Exploration Services Ltd.

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Report Description
Distribution of all British Columbia regional geochemical survey (RGS) samples and location of survey areas targeted by the 2016 reanalysis project.Ongoing efforts by Geoscience BC and government-funded agencies to update and maintain the geochemical databases established by the British Columbia Regional Geochemical Survey (BCRGS) and the National Geochemical Reconnaissance (NGR) programs have produced one of the most comprehensive collections of field information and multi-element analytical data in Canada. To date, thousands of archived samples have been successfully reanalyzed using modern analytical techniques such as inductively coupled plasma--mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The methods are cost effective and provide significant upgrades to original analytical data reports (see McCurdy et al., 2014). They include lower detection levels for base and precious metals as well as pathfinder and rare-earth elements. They also generate improved data continuity between surveys completed at different times and samples analyzed by different commercial laboratories.

Geoscience BC Report 2017-04 presents results of a Geoscience BC--funded reanalysis project that was conducted in 2016. The samples acquired for reanalysis originated from surveys conducted in NTS map areas 082G, 082J, 092N, 093E, 093H, 103O, 103P and 104N (pink outlines on map). Specific details regarding the methods and specifications utilized during original RGS programs can be found in Rukhlov and Naziri (2015).

Suggested Reference
Jackaman, W. (2017): 2016 RGS Sample Reanalysis Project; Geoscience BC, Report 2017-04.

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