Geoscience BC Report 2016-19

Mud Volcanoes in the Purcell Basin and Their Relevance to Middle Proterozoic Massive-Sulphide Ag-Pb-Zn Deposits, Southeastern British Columbia
by Sean Kennedy and Trygve Höy

Report Description
Fragmental rocks related to mud/sediment volcanism and venting were developed episodically during deposition of the Aldridge Formation and may be genetically related to the giant Sullivan Pb-Zn-Ag deposit at Kimberley. The goal of this project, funded as part of Geoscience BC's SEEK program, was to determine if it was possible to differentiate the favourability of various fragmental complexes to host base metal mineralization, or vector within the complexes to areas of higher mineralization potential, by cataloguing fragmental facies, defining controlling structures and alteration zones, and determining geochemical signatures as they may relate to the venting process.

Five previously identified fragmental occurrences were selected as study areas based on access, current level of exploration interest, and stratigraphic location. Geological mapping of fragmental alteration assemblages was shown to be an effective tool for evaluating fragmental facies and their potential for base metal mineralization. Additionally, mapping of mud/sediment volcano facies and structural trends was shown to be a useful tool for interpreting the local sedimentary environment. Geochemical variations between sample sites were identified and further whole rock and trace element analyses should help identify the geochemical signature of mineralized fragmental complexes.

Report Components

Suggested References
Kennedy, S. and Höy, T. (2015): Mud Volcanoes in the Purcell Basin and Their Relevance to Middle Proterozoic Massive Sulphide Ag-Pb-Zn Deposits; Geoscience BC, Report 2016-19, 55 p.

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