Geoscience BC Report 2016-12

Distribution and nature of the Eocene Ootsa Lake Group in the Chilcotin Plateau, parts of Quesnel and Anahim Lake map areas (NTS 093B & 093C), central British Columbia
by Esther Bordet and Craig J.R. Hart, MDRU

Report Description
Geoscience BC Report 2016-12 contains a new geological map of a portion of the Chilcotin and Nechako Plateau. The map highlights previously unmapped rock outcrops and will support mineral exploration in a region which is known for poor rock exposure. The 1:100 000 scale geology map is in pdf format, and supported with GIS files, a field and analytical database and a brief report. A PhD thesis (Esther Bordet, 2014) and previous Geoscience BC report (2011-13) are also available.

Report Components

Suggested References
Bordet, Esther (2016): Geology of the Eocene Ootsa Lake Group in the Nazko Area, Chilcotin Plateau, central British Columbia; Geoscience BC Map 2016-12 and MDRU Map M-10; 1 sheet, scale 1:100 000.

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