Geoscience BC Report 2015-06

Historical Exploration Data Capture Pilot Project, Northwestern British Columbia (NTS 093L)
by C.E. Kilby (Cal Data Ltd.)

Report Components

Report Description
A program to convert mineral exploration Assessment Report data of various types from their original analogue form to more useful digital form was undertaken as a pilot project with a fixed budget. The purpose was to undertake this work in order to see what could be accomplished within budget (time) and what challenges would arise. At the end of the project 81 figures (maps, cross-sections and profiles) had been converted to geopositioned raster images and 2,292 geochemistry analyses from various samples types (soil, stream sediment/silt, rock, and drillhole core) had been captured along with their locations. Numerous challenges were encountered along the way, including high errors encountered during geopositioning of maps and a minimal amount of geochemistry in digital form submitted from property owners. This report documents the work performed and makes recommendations based on the experience gained during the project.

Data files for the 11 ARIS reports digitized are included in the data files released in this report. Each file includes the original ARIS pdf, CSV and Excel files, Raster Images and Shape files.

Suggested Reference
Kilby, C.E. (2015): Historical Exploration Data Capture Pilot Project, Northwestern British Columbia (NTS 093L); Geoscience BC, Report 2015-06, 11 pg.

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