Geoscience BC Report 2014-06 / British Columbia Geological Survey Open Files 2014-06 to 2014-15

Basal Till Potential Maps for the Interior Plateau, TREK Project, British Columbia (NTS 093B/12 & 13, 093C/09 & 16, 093F/01 & 08, 093G/04, 05, 12 & 13)
D. Sacco, T. Ferbey and W. Jackaman

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  • Interior Plateau Basal Till Potential Maps:
  • Report Description
    Because of extensive drift cover, large parts of the Interior Plateau that are underlain by prospective rocks of the Stikine and Quesnel terranes remain underexplored. Nonetheless, buried bedrock mineralization may be defined by examining the geochemistry and mineralogy of glacial sediments. With a relatively simple transport and depositional history, basal tills are particularly well suited for this type of exploration.

    Till geochemical and mineralogical surveys are a central component of the TREK project (short for Targeting Resources through Exploration and Knowledge), initiated in 2013 to better understand the geology and metallogeny of the southern Interior Plateau. Released as joint British Columbia Geological Survey and Geoscience BC publications, these basal till potential maps were completed for the planning and implementation phases of TREK. By identifying areas where basal till is most likely to occur, the maps are intended to help design exploration projects and guide surficial sediment geochemistry and mineralogy sampling programs.

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