Geoscience BC Report 2013-23

Stimulating Exploration in the East Kootenays (SEEK Project): The Updated East Kootenay Gravity Database (EKGDB) and The 2013 St. Mary Gravity Survey
by T. Sanders (Ted Sanders Consulting)

Report Components

Report Description
The Updated East Kootenay ground station Gravity Database and St. Mary Gravity Survey are components of the SEEK (Stimulating Exploration in the East Kootenays) project. The SEEK Project is funded by Geoscience BC and is a partnership with the East Kootenay Chamber of Mines. This data release builds on Geoscience BC Report 2012-12.

The entire updated EKGDB contains records for over 5300 individual ground gravity stations. The majority of gravity data in the database were obtained from data listings in assessment reports on the Mineral Titles Online ARIS (Assessment Report Indexing System) website. ARIS and contributed data amount to 3888 stations in the EKGDB. 485 stations were compiled from Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) data, and data for 735 ground gravity stations were acquired from a digitized Bouguer Anomaly posting map (obtained from an ARIS file which did not contain raw data). 217 new ground gravity stations were collected in 2013 during the St. Mary Gravity Survey. These stations were laid out to complement gravity data already compiled within the EKGDB.

The St. Mary Gravity survey data was acquired in an area of predominantly Aldridge Formation rocks. The survey identified that the Matthew Creek gravity anomaly, which was only partially constrained due to limited data, closely corresponds to the outline for the extent of the Matthew Creek Metamorphic Zone. In addition, the new data reveal there is no deep-sourced anomaly associated with the Hellroaring Creek pegmatite stock and suggest possible significant structural movement.

The database listing contains 27 fields, and shows all relevant data from the raw and processed gravity data.The report provides detailed evaluations of all gravity data sources. Leveling adjustments have been made to some of the ARIS GPS survey data, Observed Gravity values, and Bouguer Anomaly data prior to reprocessing and the creation of a uniform Gravity Database. In addition, 30 km Outer Terrain Corrections were calculated for each station as part of data reduction to Bouguer Anomaly values in the database

This project enables users to download digital (.csv) files of the original ARIS gravity data listings and raw Inner Terrain Correction data. In addition, the complete database (27 fields) of levelled and reprocessed gravity data can be downloaded and includes raw and reduced Bouguer Anomaly values for all stations using three rock densities.

Click here to download an example of a Bouguer gravity map that can be created from the database.

Disclaimer: The majority of original raw data files were assembled from data listings which reside as images of scanned pages in ARIS pdf files. In some cases, the original raw data has been adjusted or corrected to level all data to common datum prior to final processing in the database file. See Technical Report for details. Raw and reprocessed data in the database files have been rigorously checked for quality. However, minor errors may exist and the accuracy of original or adjusted GPS positional data cannot be guaranteed. Questions or suggestions regarding the Gravity Database can be directed to Geoscience BC.

Suggested Reference
Sanders, T. (2013): Stimulating Exploration in the East Kootenays (SEEK Project): The Updated East Kootenay Gravity Database (EKGDB) and The 2013 St. Mary Gravity Survey; Geoscience BC, Report 2013-23, 48 p.

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