Geoscience BC Report 2013-21

Geology of the Mount Polley Intrusive Complex (Draft version)
by C. Rees, G. Gillstrom, L. Ferreira, L. Bjornson and C. Taylor

**This draft has been superseded by Geoscience BC Report 2014-08. Please visit the report page to download the final version.**

Report Components
  • Map (pdf, 8 MB)

Report Description

The map presents a draft version PDF map of the geology of the Mount Polley porphyry copper-gold deposit in central BC. The currently operating Mount Polley mine has focused on several individual mineralized zones that are hosted by hydrothermal breccias associated with emplacement of Late Triassic-age alkalic monzonitic to dioritic rocks within Quesnel terrane. This map is based on several years of work by Imperial Metals Corporation geologists and includes lithology and structural layers, as well as mineralization and alteration maps that draw on surface observations as well as the detailed drill hole database in the mine area. It is produced in partnership with Imperial Metals Corporation through Geoscience BC's Porphyry Integration Project.

Suggested Reference
Rees, C., Gillstrom, G., Ferreira, L., Bjornson, L. and Taylor, C. (2013): Geology of the Mount Polley Intrusive Complex (Draft Version); Geoscience BC, Report 2013-21.

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  • Project Page - Contains additional information on the Porphyry Integration Project, including posters and technical articles.

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