Geoscience BC Report 2011-16

The Characteristics, Origin and Exploration Potential for Sediment-Hosted Cu±Ag Mineralization in the Purcell Supergroup, Canada
(NTS 82G)

by R.P. Hartlaub, W.J. Davis and C.E. Dunn

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Large cratonic basins filled with immature siliciclastic sediments are excellent source regions for sediment-hosted copper deposits. The Mesoproterozoic Belt-Purcell basin has sedimentary rock thickness of at least 19 km within the central part of the basin in BC and up to 18 km in the U.S. This large thickness of sediment was deposited in a relatively rapid period, leading to the formation of numerous sediment-hosted stratabound Cu-Ag occurrences in the quartzite-dominated Revett Formation. These deposits, including Troy, Rock Creek and Montanore, are all located in western Montana; however, evidence for sediment-hosted copper mineralization has recently been identified in southeastern British Columbia.

Several sediment-hosted copper occurrences from the Cranbrook area were examined in detail as part of this project. U-Pb geochronology samples were collected in order to better constrain the age of these mineral occurrences. An important factor limiting exploration and development in the area is the limited bedrock exposure due to thick deposits of glacial drift. Fifty samples of lodgepole pine bark were collected to test biogeochemical exploration for concealed mineralization.

Suggested Reference
Hartlaub, R.P., Davis, W.J. and Dunn, C.E. (2011): The characteristics, origin and exploration potential for sediment-hosted Cu±Ag mineralization in the Purcell Supergroup, Canada; Geoscience BC, Report 2011-16, 28 p.

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