Geoscience BC Report 2011-4

Regional Stream Sediment and Water Geochemical Data, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
(parts of NTS 92B, 92C, 92E, 92F, 92G, 92K, 92L, 102I)

by W. Jackaman

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  4. Extra: Quality Control data (Geoscience BC Report 2018-15). For more information, see Project 2016-018.

Report Description
Geoscience BC has supported the reanalysis of moss-trapped stream sediment samples originally collected in the late 1980s from creeks located on Vancouver Island by the BC Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada. These samples have been recovered from storage and analyzed for 51 elements by aqua-regia digestion followed by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and Pt and Pd by fire assay.

Geoscience BC Report 2011-4 contains results of the 2010 Vancouver Island Reanalysis project plus previously published data for gold, fluorine and loss on ignition in stream sediments and fluoride, uranium and pH in stream waters. This information has been provided in a variety of digital formats. PDF files include survey descriptions and details regarding methods, field and analytical data listings, summary statistics, sample location map, geology map and maps for individual metals. Raw digital data of original field and analytical information plus new reanalysis results are included in Excel (XLS) format.

Supplementary Airborne Magnetic Maps / Images
Geoscience BC has produced a series of airborne magnetic maps and images for Vancouver Island to accompany this report. Each download includes a residual total field and first vertical derivative magnetic intensity map.

All aeromagnetic data is sourced from Natural Resources Canada's Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base (; full reference in each file). These maps are provided in two formats:

  1. PDF Maps

  2. Georeferenced Images

Suggested Reference
Jackaman, W. (2011): Regional Stream Sediment and Water Geochemical Data, Vancouver Island, British Columbia; Geoscience BC, Report 2011-4, 5 p.

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