Geoscience BC Report 2010-9

QUEST Project Compilation
by S.P. Williams and F. Ma

Report Components
Geoscience BC Report 2010-9 is available from Geoscience BC's office in downtown Vancouver. Contact for more information.

Report Description
Geoscience BC Report 2010-9 "QUEST Project Compilation" is a one-stop product that uses an ArcReader/ArcMap interactive mapping application to view the QUEST Project data in central BC, as well as other public data such as MINFILE, regional geochemistry and geophysics, geology, digital elevation model, and topography. The application also allows easy access to information on other Geoscience BC projects located in central BC, including previously released reports and data (up to mid-2009).

All Geoscience BC data and reports included in this product were previously released as individual Geoscience BC Reports (no new data is included in this product). The Geoscience BC Reports included are:

  • Geochemistry reports:
    • Report 2008-3, QUEST Project sample reanalysis
    • Report 2008-5, Regional lake sediment and water geochemical data, northern Fraser Basin
    • Report 2008-7, Regional stream sediment and water geochemical data, Pine Pass (NTS 093O)
    • Report 2009-3, Using geochemistry and neural networks to map geology under glacial cover
    • Report 2009-10, Till geochemical exploration targets, Babine porphyry copper belt, central BC
    • Report 2007-6, Regional drainage sediment and water geochemical data: south Nechako Basin & Cariboo Basin
    • Report 2007-9, Geoscience BC MPB data repository
    • Report 2006-4, Regional drainage sediment and water geochemical data -- Anahim Lake & Nechako River
    • Report 2007-7, Final report on results of the Cordilleran geochemistry project: a comparative assessment of soil geochemical methods for detecting buried mineral deposits - 3Ts Au-Ag prospect, central British Columbia
    • Report 2007-10, Halogens in surface exploration geochemistry: evaluation and development of methods for detecting buried mineral deposits

  • Geophysics reports:
    • Report 2008-4, Report on a helicopter-borne versatile time domain electromagnetic (VTEM) geophysical survey: QUEST Project
    • Report 2008-8, Airborne gravity survey, Quesnellia Region
    • Report 2009-7, Helicopter-borne Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetic (ZTEM) and Aeromagnetic Survey, Mt. Milligan Test Block

Suggested References
Williams, S.P. and Ma, F. (2010): QUEST Project Compilation, version 1.0; Geoscience BC, Report 2010-9.

Additional Links
  • QUEST Project Page - Contains additional information on this project, including posters and technical articles.

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