Geoscience BC Report 2009-18

Report on 1D Inversion Modelling of the QUEST West Helicopter-Borne AeroTEM System Electromagnetic Data
by Aeroquest Surveys

Report Components

Note: This survey consists of two blocks (Block 1 in UTM Zone 9 and Block 2 in UTM Zone 10), which are subdivided into smaller blocks. Six infill blocks were also flown over known mineralization. The maps below show the QUEST-West survey blocks (Blocks 1 and 2), sub-blocks and the 6 infill survey blocks. Click on the maps for a larger view.

QUEST-West Block 1 Datasets
QUEST-West Survey Block 1

QUEST-West Block 2 Datasets
QUEST-West Survey Block 2
The geophysical databases and models are in Geosoft file formats. The free Geosoft Oasis Montaj viewer can be downloaded from here.

  • Technical Report (pdf, 914 KB)

  • Databases (.gdb) (zip, 111 MB)

  • Voxel Models (zip, 98 MB)

  • Geosoft Maps

    Geosoft Maps
    Block 1 (zip, 147 MB)
    Block 2 (zip, 147 MB)
    Infill Areas (zip, 14 MB)


  • PDF Maps

    PDF Maps
    Block 1 (zip, 145 MB)
    Block 2 (zip, 92 MB)
    Infill Areas (zip, 45 MB)


  • UBC-GIF EM1DTM files are available by request, please email us at and we will send you a DVD (4GB).

Report Description
Geoscience BC Report 2009-18 is part of the QUEST-West project, which covers over 40,000 square kilometers from Vanderhoof and Fort St. James to Terrace and Kitimat.

This report describes the EM1DTM Inversion modelling carried out on the AeroTEM electromagnetic data from Geoscience BC's QUEST West Project. Data collected over the two large-scale blocks of the QUEST West area and the six infill areas (Huckleberry, Bell, Granisle, Equity Silver, Endako and Morrision) were inverted to produce pseudo 3D resistivity models. The UBC-GIF EM1DTM code was used to produce a 1D resistivity model at each sounding location. These 1D models were then concatenated to produce a 2D image of the subsurface along the survey lines. Two-dimensional lines were then displayed in 3D space.

Suggested Reference
Aeroquest Surveys (2009): Report on 1D Inversion Modelling of the QUEST West Helicopter-Borne AeroTEM System Electomagnetic Data; Geoscience BC, Report 2009-18, 10 p.

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