Geoscience BC Nechako Seismic Survey Data Download

Geoscience BC Report 2009-9: Nechako 2008 Seismic Survey Data

In July 2008, Geoscience BC (GBC) initiated a Vibroseis seismic reflection survey in the Northern Nechako Basin in British Columbia. This seismic reflection survey was the first seismic work to be carried out in the area since Canadian Hunter's (CH) work in the 1980's.

The 2008 GBC survey focused on:

  • Maximising source effort
  • Recovering deep reflections and QC signal penetration through volcanics
  • Low frequencies for transmission through volcanics
  • Long source-receiver offsets for first arrival tomography to basement
  • Extended correlation to recover deep reflections
  • Coincident seismic and magnetotelluric profiles
Refer to map (below) to select appropriate line data and image downloads (see red lines at top of image). Click on "Structure Stack" and "Migration" links for each line to download zip files containing seismic data in SEGY format. "Compressed Plot" links to a large format display of each dataset. Prestack data can also be provided on request at cost of reproduction as uncorrelated field records (SEGD), correlated unprecessed shot gathers (SEGY), and processed CDP gathers (SEGY). Please contact Andy Calvert at for further information.

More information on the survey, including presentations and links to other Geoscience BC Nechako Basin projects, can be found on the Nechako Seismic Survey page. A brochure on the Nechako Seismic Survey can be downloaded by clicking here.
Line 2008-05 Line 2008-06 Line 2008-10
Line 2008-11 Line 2008-12 Line 2008-13
Line 2008-15

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