QUEST-South Project

QUEST-South Project AreaQUEST-South applies the QUEST and QUEST-West Project approach to British Columbia's southern interior. The project will create new geoscience information over an area of 130,000 square kilometers from Williams Lake to the USA border, and aid mineral exploration companies in their quest to make new discoveries.

QUEST-South will include a new airborne gravity survey which covers 45,000 square kilometers between Williams Lake and the USA border, a new ground geochemical survey in the Merritt area, and the reanalysis of almost 9000 existing geochemical samples over eight 1:250 000 NTS mapsheets (an area of approximately 126,000 square kilometers).

Click here for a shapefile of the QUEST-South geophysical survey outline.

Posters and Presentations
2010: QUEST-South Project: Field Surveys & Sample Reanalysis, Southern British Columbia (NTS 82E, L, M & 92H, I, J, O, P)
- Mineral Exploration Roundup Poster (pdf, 16.8MB)
2009: QUEST-South Project Summer 2009
- Geoscience BC QUEST-South Geochemical Project Brochure (pdf)

Technical Articles
2010 : "QUEST-South geophysics: new airborne gravity survey in southern British Columbia (parts of NTS 093A, B, 092H, I, O, P, 082A, E)"
- Summary of Activities 2009, Report 2010-1 p.1-6 (pdf, 3.3 MB)
2010 : "QUEST-South geochemical database upgrades - new survey and sample reanalysis data, southern British Columbia (NTS 082E, L, M,092H, I, J, O, P)"
- Summary of Activities 2009, Report 2010-1 p.7-10 (pdf, 5.9 MB)

General Maps of Interest
QUEST-South Project Stream Sediment Geochemistry - Copper (ICPMS) (pdf, 4.3MB)
QUEST-South Project Stream Sediment Geochemistry - Molybdenum (ICPMS) (pdf, 4.3MB)

Final Deliverables
Geochemical Surveys
Geophysical Surveys

Geoscience BC QUEST-South Follow-up Projects
2009-023: QUEST-South: Catchment Basin Analysis and Stream Sediment Exploration - Dennis Arne and Britt Bluemel, ioGlobal Solutions Inc.
2009-025: Regional 3D Inversion Modeling of Airborne Gravity and Magnetic Data: QUEST-South, BC - Nigel Phillips, Mira Geoscience

News Releases
January 18, 2010: First Results from Geoscience B.C.'s $2.5 million QUEST-South Project Expected to Stimulate New Mineral Exploration Activity in South Central B.C.

August 28, 2009: Geoscience BC Announces QUEST-South Airborne Gravity Survey

April 7, 2009: Geoscience BC Announces QUEST-South Phase 1 Projects

QUEST-South Project Area
QUEST-South Geophysical and Geochemical Survey Outlines

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