Geoscience BC has two types of projects:
  1. Major Projects, which are designed and managed by Geoscience BC technical consultants and staff. More information on these projects, which include the QUEST, QUEST-West, QUEST-South, QUEST-Northwest, Nechako Seismic and Horn River Basin Aquifer Project initiatives, can be found on the Major Projects Page.

  2. Partnership Projects, which request funding from Geoscience BC through our Request for Proposals (RFP) process. More information on these projects can be found at the bottom of this page.
To search through all of Geoscience BC's Projects, select one of the following search methods: Each project page provides information on project location and proponents, as well as links to posters, articles and final project deliverables.

Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative
The Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic has now decimated over 400 million cubic metres of merchantable timber in British Columbia's forests. While this epidemic has led to short-term increases in harvest levels, many forestry communities need new long-term opportunities to sustain their way of life.

Geoscience BC's Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative is dedicated to helping these affected communities diversify and strengthen their economies. Click here for more information on Geoscience BC's Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative

Geoscience BC holds at least one call for proposals annually, looking for applied and innovative geoscience projects proposed by industry, academia, communities, First Nations and other public geoscience agencies. In all cases, Geoscience BC seeks collaborative and partnership projects that will attract exploration investment in B.C. and that come with supportive funding.  

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