Active Geoscience BC Projects and current Geoscience BC scholarship students are required to design and present a poster annually, either at the Association for Mineral Exploration BC's Mineral Exploration Roundup Convention in Vancouver in January, or at the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Convention in Calgary in May. Many of these posters are subsequently presented at local conferences and workshops.

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2017

Associated Project Poster Title and Authors
Search Project Search Project: Phase II Activities in West-Central British Columbia
Geoscience BC
2016-001 Merging Geological, Seismic Reflection and Magnetotelluric data in the Purcell Anticlinorium, SE British Columbia
F.A. Cook
2016-007 Preliminary Results of a Geochemical Investigation of Halogen and Other Volatile Compounds Related to Mineralization: Lara volcanogenic massive-sulfide deposit (NTS 092B/13) and Mount Washington epithermal gold prospect (NTS 092F/14), Vancouver Island, BC
D.R. Heberlein and C.E. Dunn
2016-008 Rapid, Field-Based Hydrogeochemical-Survey Analysis and Assessment of Seasonal Variation Using a Field-Portable Photometer and Voltammeter, Marmot Lake NTS Area, South-Central British Columbia
Ron Yehia, David R. Heberlein and Ray E. Lett
2016-015 Ongoing Development of British Columbia's Regional Geological Database Using Material Saved from Previous Field Surveys
W. Jackaman
2014-006 Geology of the northern extension of the Rock Creek graben (082E/10) Boundary District, southern British Columbia
T. Hoy and W. Jackaman

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016
PDFs of most posters will be linked to this webpage following the 2016 Roundup Conference

Associated Project Poster Title and Authors
TREK Project TREK Mapping Project Year 2: Geology and mineralization highlights, Nechako Plateau
J.J. Angen, J.M. Logan, C.J.R. Hart, R.S. Kim and A.M. Albano
TREK Project and 2015 Scholarship Winner Stratigraphic and lithological Constraints of late Cretaceous volcanic Rocks in the TREK project area, central British Columbia (NTS 093E)
R.S. Kim, C.J.R. Hart, J.J. Angen and J.M. Logan
Fertile Porphyry Project Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of porphyry-fertile plutons: Guichon Creek, Takomkane and Granite Mountain Batholiths, south-central British Columbia: evidence from apatite
F. Bouzari, C. Hart, T. Bissig and G. Lesage
Penticton Mapping Project Geology and mineralization of the Almond Mountain map area (092E/07), Boundary District, southern British Columbia
T. Hoy and W. Jackaman
Penticton Mapping Project Geology and mineralization of the Almond Mountain map area (092E/07), Boundary District, southern British Columbia
T. Hoy and W. Jackaman
2015 Scholarship Winner Integration of surface regolith mapping and soil field measurements with geochemistry in a till-covered terrain, Lara volcanogenic massive-sulphide deposit, southern Vancouver Island
M. Bodnar and P. Winterburn
2015 Scholarship Winner Advanced geoscience targeting via focused machine learning applied to the Quest project dataset
J. Granek and E. Haber
2015 Scholarship Winner Relationship between amorphous silica and precious metals in quartz veins: examples from Brucejack, British Columbia and Dixie Valley, Nevada
N.J. Harrichhausen, C.D. Rowe, W.S. Board and C.J. Greig
2015 Scholarship Winner Geology of the Cache Creek terrane in the Peridotite Peak--Menatatuline Range area, Northwestern British Columbia
S. McGoldrick, A. Zagorevski, D. Canil, A.-S. Corriveau, S. Bichlmaier and S. Carroll.
2015 Scholarship Winner Geochemical mapping of the Deerhorn copper-gold porphyry deposit and associated alteration through transported cover, central British Columbia
S.D. Rich and P.A. Winterburn
2015 Scholarship Winner Hydrothermal alteration and mineralization at the Kerr and Deep Kerr Cu-Au porphyry deposits, KSM property, northwestern British Columbia
S. Rosset and C.J.R. Hart

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2015
PDFs of most posters will be linked to this webpage following the 2015 Roundup Conference

Associated Project Poster Title and Authors
Geoscience BC Projects Geoscience BC Activities in 2014
C. Pellett
Geoscience BC Projects Geoscience BC's New Web Mapping Application -- Launching in 2015
J. Hamilton
TREK Project Characterization and stratigraphic framework for Late Cretaceous Kasalka Group volcanics, northern TREK Project area, central British Columbia
R. Kim, C.J.R. Hart and J. Angen
TREK Project TREK mapping project year 1: correlating map units to airborne magnetic signatures
J.J. Angen, C.J.R. Hart, E. Westberg, R. Kim and C. Raley
TREK Project Targeted geochemical and mineralogical surveys in the TREK project area, central British Columbia: Year Two
D. Sacco and W. Jackaman
TREK Project Tracing the source of anomalous geochemical patterns in carbonate-rich bog soils near the Nazko volcanic cone, BC
R. Lett and W. Jackaman
2014-006 Tectonic and magmatic controls of base and precious mineralization: Penticton east-half map sheet, southern B.C. (082E/East)
T. Höy and W. Jackaman
SEEK The Structural Controls on the Kimberley Gold Trend, Southeastern British Columbia
M. Seabrook and T. Höy
SEEK Mud Volcanoes in the Purcell Basin and Their Relevance to Middle Proterozoic Massive Sulphide Ag-Pb-Zn Deposits
S. Kennedy and T. Höy
2014-001 Catchment Analysis Applied to the Interpretation of New Stream Sediment Data from Northern Vancouver Island (NTS 102I and 92L)
D.C. Arne, O. Brown and Y. Cui
2014-009 Use of a Field Portable Photometer for Rapid Geochemical Analysis of Stream and Spring Waters: A Case History from Poison Mountain, British Columbia (NTS 092O/02)
R. Yehia and D. Heberlein
2014-007 "At the End of the Rainbow"; Can the Distinctive Mineralogy of Detrital Gold Derived from Alkalic Porphyries Inform Exploration Programs?
T.J. Mileham, R.J. Chapman and M.J. Parkhurst
2014-011 New Structural and Geophysical Interpretations for Beneath-Cover Mineral Exploration in the QUEST Area, Central British Columbia
M.G. Sanchez, T. Bissig and P. Kowalczyk
2014-015 Mineralogical Characteristics of Porphyry-Fertile Plutons: Guichon Creek, Takomkane and Granite Mountain Batholiths, South-Central British Columbia
F. Bouzari, C. Hart and T. Bissig
2014-005 Historic Exploration Data Capture Pilot Project, Northwestern British Columbia (NTS 093L)
C.E. Kilby and M.A. Fournier
2014 Scholarship Winner The Ruddock Creek deposit: Constraining timing of deposition and structural history of the metalliferous Windermere Supergroup, Northern Monashee Mountains, Southern British Columbia
L. Theny, D. Gibson, D. Marshall, J. Crowley and J. Miller-Tait
2014 Scholarship Winner Magnetite as a Porphyry Cu Indicator Mineral in Till
L.K. Pisiak, D. Canil, C. Grondahl, A. Plouffe, T. Ferbey, R.G. Anderson
2014 Scholarship Winner Discovering Carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb Deposits using C and O Isotopes
N. Cook and C. Hart
2014 Scholarship Winner Structural geology and timing of deformation at the Gibraltar copper-molybdenum porphyry deposit, Cariboo Region, British Columbia
N. Mostaghimi, L. Kennedy, J. Gabites, R. Friedman
2014 Scholarship Winner Trace element geochemistry of hornblende from the Bonanza arc, Vancouver Island, Canada
R.J. D'Souza and D. Canil
2014 Scholarship Winner Assessment of Mozley C800 laboratory mineral separator for specialty metal indicator mineral exploration: Aley carbonatite, British Columbia, Canada
D.A.R. Mackay, G.J. Simandl, B. Grcic, C.Li, P. Luck, M. Redfearn and J. Gravel
2014 Scholarship Winner Assessing fracture network connectivity of prefeasibility-level high temperature geothermal projects using discrete fracture network modelling
S. Mak, E. Eberhardt, J. Meetch and M. Ghomshei

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2013
PDFs of most posters will be linked to this webpage following the 2013 Roundup Conference

Associated Project Poster Title and Authors
Geoscience BC Projects Geoscience BC Activities in 2012
Geoscience BC
Geoscience BC Projects Geoscience BC's New Minerals Project in the Interior Plateau/Nechako Region of BC
Geoscience BC
2009-003 Re-Release of the Mineral Deposit Research Unit's Iskut River Areas Maps (1989-1993), NW BC
Geoscience BC
QUEST-Northwest QUEST-Northwest Airborne Magnetic Survey: Block 3
Geoscience BC
Northern Vancouver Island Northern Vancouver Island Exploration Geoscience Project - New Airborne Magnetic Data
Geoscience BC
Northern Vancouver Island,
2011-018 &
Updating the British Columbia Regional Geochemical database with new field survey and sample reanalysis data to support mineral exploration
W. Jackaman and R. Lett
SEEK The SEEK Project: Stimulating Exploration in the East Kootenays
R. Hartlaub
2011-021 &
2012 Scholarship Winner
Tectonic setting of mineralization in the southern Kootenay Arc and Purcell Anticlinorium, southeastern British Columbia
E.R. Webster and D.R.M. Pattison
2011-016 Geochemical techniques for detection of blind porphyry Cu-Au mineralization under basalt cover, Woodjam prospect, south-central British Columbia
T. Bissig, D.R. Heberlein and C.E. Dunn
2012-002 Southeast Zone (Cu-Mo) and Deerhorn (Cu-Au) Porphyry Deposits: Paragenesis, Alteration and their Possible Relationships, Woodjam Property, Central British Columbia
I. del Real, F. Bouzari, C.J.R. Hart, J. Blackwell, A. Rainbow, R. Sherlock, T. Skiner
2011-015 PIMS - Porphyry Indicator Minerals from Alkalic Porphyry Cu-Au Deposits in British Columbia
M.A. Celis, C.J.R. Hart, F. Bouzari, T. Bissig and T. Ferbey
2012 Scholarship Winner A petrographic description and comparison of the Seel Copper--Gold Porphyry and the West Seel Copper--Gold--Molybdenum Porphyry deposits, Canada
R. Petersen, T. Waight and S. Ebert
2009-041 Geologically Constrained 3D Earth Modelling of the Nechako Basin British Columbia, Canada
T. Campagne, S. Frey, D. Mitchinson and N. Phillips
2009-046 Stratigraphic and Structural Framework for the Eocene Volcanic rocks in central British Columbia
E. Bordet, C.J.R. Hart, M. Mihalynuk and M. Sanchez
2012 Scholarship Winner Investigation of the Influence of Stress Shadows on Multiple Hydraulic Fractures from Adjacent Horizontal Wells Using the Distinct Element Method
N. Zangeneh , E. Eberhardt, M. Bustin
2012 Scholarship Winner The Petrography, Geochemistry and Mineral Chemistry of the Fir Carbonatite System, east-central British Columbia: An Update of Current Knowledge with Implications for Deposit Modelling
T. Chudy, B. Ulry and L. Groat
2012 Scholarship Winner Petrogenesis and Geotectonic Evolution of the Ren Carbonatite REE and HFSE deposit in Southeastern British Columbia
A. Ya'acoby
2011-012 Leveraging International Earth Science Standards to Enhance Mineral Exploration Success in British Columbia
C. Smyth
2011-014 The Documentation and Assessment of Exploration Activities Generated by Geoscience BC Data Publications
S. Reichheld
QUEST-Northwest Dease Lake Geoscience Project: Geochemical Characteristics of Tsaybahe, Stuhini and Hazelton Volcanic Rocks, Northwestern British Columbia (NTS 104I, J)
J. Logan

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2012
PDFs of most posters will be linked to this webpage following the 2012 Roundup Conference

Associated Project Poster Title and Lead Author (Click to download PDF file)
Geoscience BC Projects Geoscience BC Projects in 2011
Geoscience BC
QUEST-Northwest QUEST-Northwest Project: New Regional Geochemical Survey and Sample Reanalysis Data
W. Jackaman
QUEST-Northwest QUEST-Northwest Airborne Magnetic Surveys
Geoscience BC
QUEST-Northwest QUEST-Northwest Mapping: BC Geological Survey Dease Lake Geoscience Project (NTS 104J, 104I), Northern British Columbia
J.M. Logan, L.J. Diakow, B.I. van Straaten, D.P. Moynihan and O. Iverson
Released as BC Geological Survey Geofile 2012-07
QUEST-Northwest Mesozoic Magmatic History and Metallogeny of the Hotailuh Batholith (NW BC)
B. van Straaten, J. Logan and L. Diakow
Released as BC Geological Survey Geofile 2012-08
2009-003 New presentation of the 1989-1993 MDRU Iskut River Project Mapping
Geoscience BC
2009-048 Geochemical Exploration Models of BC Porphyry Deposits
F.A. Blaine and C.J.R. Hart
SEEK Stimulating Exploration in the East Kootenays -- The SEEK Project
R. Hartlaub
2009-009 Porphyry Indicator Minerals (PIMS): A New Exploration Tool for Concealed Deposits in south-central British Columbia
F. Bouzari, C.J.R. Hart, S. Barker and T. Bissig
2008-018 Alteration at the Red Chris Copper-Gold Porphyry Deposit: Stable Isotope Evidence for Magmatic-Meteoric Fluid Mixing
J.R. Norris, C.J.R. Hart, R.M. Tosdal, C. Rees
2007-026 Drift Prospecting in a Portion of the QUEST Area: Ice Flow, Till Geochemistry and Heavy Mineral Analysis
B. Ward, M. Leybourne and D. Sacco
2008-012 Development of a Database for Geoscience Field Observations, West-Central British Columbia
A.J. Stumpf
2009-024, 2009-025 & 2009-041 Quantitative 3D modelling of Geophysical Data in British Columbia
H. Nguyen, N. Phillips, V. Thomson, A. Radjaee and D. Oldenburg
2011-012 Leveraging International Earth Science Standards to Enhance Mineral Exploration Success in British Columbia
C. Smyth and C. Ahern
2007-012 Chronostratigraphy and Tectonostratigraphy of the Late Paleozoic cratonic succession in east-central BC and implications for pericratonic terrane geology
C.M. Henderson, K. Zubin-Stathopoulos and G. Dean
2009-044 A look at magnetotelluric magnetic transfer functions to assess the benefits of an airborne ZTEM survey over the Nechako Basin, British Columbia
J. Spratt, C. Farquharson and J. Craven
2009-044 Reprocessing of multichannel seismic reflection profiles across the Nechako Basin, British Columbia: new insights and assessment of potential contribution from MT results
J.K. Welford, J. Spratt, J. Craven and C. Farquharson
2009-044 Three-dimensional inversion of the Nechako Basin magnetotelluric data-set
M. Drew, C. Farquharson, J. Spratt and J. Craven
2009-046 & 2011 Scholarship Winner Eocene Volcanic and Structural Framework of the Nechako Region, central BC
E. Bordet and C.J.R. Hart
2011 Scholarship Winner Evidence of shallow gas in the Queen Charlotte sedimentary Basin from full waveform tomography of seismic reflection data
E.M. Takam Takougang and A.J. Calvert
2011 Scholarship Winner The Newton Gold Deposit, Amarc Resources Ltd., British Columbia, Canada
L. McClenaghan, C.J.R. Hart, M. Gregory and M. Rebagliati
2011 Scholarship Winner The Geology and Mineralogy of the Carbo Property, Wicheeda Carbonatite Complex, BC
M.L. Dalsin and L.A. Groat
2011 Scholarship Winner Characterization of the Blackwater Gold Deposit, Central B.C.
E. Looby, C.J.R. Hart, and M.D. Libera
2011 Scholarship Winner Geology and petrology of the Catface porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Vancouver Island, and linkages to porphyry deposits of the Paleogene Cascade magmatic arc, Washington and Coast Mountains, southwestern British Columbia
C.M. Smith, D. Canil, S.M. Rowins and J. Miller-Tait
2011 Scholarship Winner Structural geology of the Mount Polley porphyry copper district: reconstruction of post-mineral fault displacement and tilting for the purpose of future exploration
S. Wafforn, J. Dilles and A. Meigs

GeoCanada 2012

Associated Project Poster Title and Lead Author (Click to download PDF file)
2012 Scholarship Winner Tectonic and Eustatic Controls on the Distribution of Sandstone and Hot Mudstone: The Goodrich-Shaftesbury Transition, Upper Albian and Lower Cenomanian, NE British Columbia
P.J. Angiel and A.G. Plint

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2011

Associated Project Poster Title and Lead Author (Click to download PDF file)
Geoscience BC Projects Ongoing Geoscience BC Projects
Geoscience BC
2009-020, 2010-001 & 2010-006 British Columbia Regional Geochemical Survey: new analytical data and sample archive upgrades
W. Jackaman and R. Lett
Porphyry Integration Project Porphyry Integration Project: Integrating Exploration Data Sets in BC Porphyry Districts to Identify Effective Tools for BC Deposits in Emerging Districts
F. Devine
2009-048 Geochemical Exploration Models for Porphyry Deposits in British Columbia
F.A. Blaine and C.J.R. Hart
2009-001 Physical Property-Geology Relationships in Porphyry Deposit Settings in Geoscience BC's QUEST and QUEST-West Project Areas, Central British Columbia
D.E. Mitchinson and R.J. Enkin
2008-018 & 2010 Scholarship Winner Alteration and Mineralization at the Red Chris Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit, northwestern British Columbia
J.R. Norris, C.J.R. Hart, R.M. Tosdal and C. Rees
2008-014 & 2010 Scholarship Winner Variability in the Basaltic Rocks Hosting Cu-Au Porphyry Mineralization in the Quesnel Terrane (NTS 092, 093): Geochemistry, Stable Isotopes and Physical Properties
S. Vaca, T. Bissig, D.E. Mitchinson, S. Barker and C.J.R. Hart
2009-009 Porphyry Indicator Minerals (PIMs): Targeting Mineralized Centres using Apatite Texture and Chemistry
F. Bouzari, C.J.R. Hart, S. Barker and T. Bissig
2009-033 Geological Investigations of the Basement of Quesnellia in Southern British Columbia: Progress Report
J.K. Mortensen, K.A. Lucas, J.W.H. Monger and F. Cordey
2009-023 QUEST-South: Catchment basin analysis and stream sediment exploration
D. Arne, B. Bluemel and Y. Cui
2007-026 Drift Prospecting within the QUEST Project Area, Central British Columbia (NTS 093J): Potential for Porphyry Copper-Gold, Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Mineralization and Gold-Copper Veins
B.C. Ward, M.I. Leybourne and D.N. Sacco
2007-026 & 2010 Scholarship Winner Quaternary geology and ice flow history in the northwest part of the McLeod Lake Map Area (NTS 093J), central British Columbia: Implications for mineral exploration
D.N. Sacco and B.C. Ward
2008-031 Assessing the Mineral Potential of Drift Covered Area, West-Central British Columbia: Year 2 - Colleymount Map Area (NTS 93L/1)
T. Ferbey
2008-012 Quaternary Geology and Till Geochemistry of the Bulkley River Valley, West-Central British Columbia (NTS 093L)
A.J. Stumpf and D.V. Heckman
2009-029 & 2010 Scholarship Winner Geochemistry of Carbonaceous Mudstones Hosting the Eskay Creek Massive Sulfide Deposit, British Columbia
T. Meuzelaar, T. Monecke, H. Meuzelaar, C. Jaramillo and M. Hannington
2008-027 Geochemical characterization and geochronology of the Paleozoic Mt. Attree Volcanic Complex, Terrace-Kitimat, BC (NTS 103I)
G.S. Pignotta, J.L. Meyers, B.G. Hardel, J.B. Mahoney
2009-030 Geology and geochemistry of carbonate-hosted nonsulphide Zn-Pb mineralization in southern and central BC
S. Paradis, G.J. Simandl, H. Keevil and M. Raudsepp
2009-030 Hand-held, portable XRF in exploration for carbonate-hosted sulphide and nonsulphide Pb-Zn deposits
G.J. Simandl, S. Paradis, R. Fajber and N. Rogers
2009-030 Mineralogy of Supergene Carbonate-Hosted Nonsulphide Zn-Pb Mineralization in Southern and Central British Columbia
H. Keevil, S. Paradis, G. Dipple and M. Raudsepp
2007-019 Sediment-hosted Stratabound Cu-Ag Potential of the Proterozoic Belt-Purcell Supergroup, Southeast British Columbia
R. Hartlaub
2008-001 Northern Vancouver Island GIS Data Compilation Project
D. McLelland
2009-046 & 2010 Scholarship Winner Characterization and Structural Framework of Eocene Volcanic Sequences in the Nechako Region, Central British Columbia
E. Bordet and C.J.R. Hart
2007-005 3-D refraction tomography in the eastern Nechako Basin, BC: recovering intra- and sub-volcanic velocity structure in a complex volcanic and sedimentary system
D.A. Talinga and A.J. Calvert
2009-044 3-D Modelling of the Nechako Basin MT Data Set
M. Drew, C. Farquharson and J. Craven
Montney Water Project A regional approach to the identification of surface and shallow subsurface water resources, Montney Water Project - northeast British Columbia
A. Hickin, B. Kerr and D. Brown
Exploration in 2020
- SEG Conference 2010 Workshop
Advanced processing & display of the QUEST airborne geophysical data to enhance subsurface geological mapping
K. Witherly
2010 Scholarship Winner Muscovite variations around the Valley porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Highland Valley District, British Columbia
T. Alva-Jimenez, R.M. Tosdal, J.H. Dilles, F. Bouzari and S. Halley
2010 Scholarship Winner The Aley Carbonatite Complex: Structural Evolution, Petrogenesis, and Tectonic Implications of a Cordilleran Niobium Deposit
D.F. McLeish, R. Kressall, S.T. Johnston, A. Chakhmouradian, J. Crozier and J.K. Mortensen
2010 Scholarship Winner Delineation of Porphyry Deposit by 3D Airborne Time Domain Electromagnetic Inversion
D. Yang and D.W. Oldenburg
2010 Scholarship Winner Preliminary Results of Tight Gas Reservoir Characterization in Montney and Lower Doig formations, northeastern British Columbia, Western Canada
E.I. Egbobawaye, J-P. Zonneveld and M.K. Gringas

GeoCanada 2010

Associated Project Poster Title and Lead Author (Click to download PDF file)
2007-012 The Biostratigraphy and Evolution of a Pennsylvanian-Permian Carbonate Ramp, East-Central British Columbia
K. Zubin-Stathopoulus, University of Calgary
2007-012 The Lower Triassic Sulphur Mountain (Montney) Formation, Mount Crum Section, East-Central British Columbia: Age of Turbidites, Tectonic Implication and Montney Lithofacies Interpretation
Y.P. Chau, University of Calgary
2007-012 Fracture Analysis of Upper Paleozoic Carbonates: East-Central British Columbia
G.J. Dean, University of Calgary

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2010

Associated Project Poster Title and Lead Author (Click to download PDF file)
QUEST-South QUEST-South Project: Field Surveys & Sample Reanalysis, Southern British Columbia (NTS 82E, L, M & 92H, I, J, O, P)
W. Jackaman, Noble Exploration Services Ltd.
2009-001 Enhancing Geophysical Interpretation and Mineral Deposit Modelling Through Knowledge of Physical Rock Properties: Magnetic Susceptibility Studies for Porphyry Deposits in the QUEST and QUEST-West Areas (NTS 93E, K, N)
D.E. Mitchinson, Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC
2008-014 Geochemical and Physical Variations in the Late Triassic Nicola Arc and Metallogenetic Implications: Preliminary Results
T. Bissig, Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC
2009-009 Porphyry Indicator Minerals (PIMs): Exploration for Concealed Deposits in British Columbia
F. Bouzari, Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC
2007-026 Till Geochemistry of the Western Portion of 93J, QUEST Area
B.C. Ward, Simon Fraser University
2007-026 Glacial History and Terrain Mapping in a Portion of the QUEST Project Area (NTS 093G, H [west half], J), Central British Columbia
D.A. Sacco, Simon Fraser University
2008-012 Preliminary Results of Till Geochemistry Sampling from the Bulkley River Area, Central British Columbia, Canada
A.J. Stumpf, Illinois State Geological Survey
2008-018 Alteration and Mineralization at the Red Chris Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia
J.R. Norris, Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC
2007-024 Improved Near-surface Velocity Models from Waveform Tomography Applied to Vibroseis MCS Reflection First-Arrival Data
B.R. Smithyman, University of British Columbia
2008-031 Assessing the Mineral Potential of Drift Covered Areas, Tahtsa Lake District, West-Central British Columbia - Year 1
T. Ferbey, British Columbia Geological Survey
2008-027 Volcanic Facies, Deformation and Economic Mineralization in Paleozoic Strata of the Terrace-Kitimat Area, British Columbia, NTS 103I
G. Pignotta, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
2005-030 & 2009 Scholarship Winner New Results of Geological Mapping and Micropaleontological and Lead Isotopic Studies of Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Hosting Stratigraphy of the Middle and Late Paleozoic Sicker and Lower Buttle Lake Groups on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (NTS 092B/13, 092C/16, 092E/09, /16 092F/02, /05, /07)
T. Ruks, Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC
2009 Scholarship Winner Nature and Origin of Carbonate Alteration at the Eskay Creek Massive Sulfide Deposit, BC
T. Meuzelaar, Colorado School of Mines
2009 Scholarship Winner The Origin of the Tantalum-bearing Upper Fir Carbonatite (Monashee Mountains, East Central British Columbia): Preliminary Results
T.C. Chudy, University of British Columbia
2009 Scholarship Winner Inversion of E-Field Time Domain EM Data
D. Yang, Geophysical Inversion Facility, University of British Columbia
2009 Scholarship Winner 3D ZTEM Inversion: Application to Mt. Milligan
E. Holtham, Geophysical Inversion Facility, University of British Columbia
2009 Scholarship Winner Geochronological and structural controls on polyphase mineralization along the eastern margin of the Grand Forks Complex, southeastern British Columbia
J.F. Cubley, University of Calgary
2009 Scholarship Winner The Lower Charlie Lake Formation Artex Member, An Aeolian Reservoir Case Study: Brassey Field
C.B. Fefchak, University of Alberta
2009 Scholarship Winner The Development of Inclined Heterolithic Stratication in a Tidally Inuenced, Fluvially Dominated River, Fraser River, British Columbia
C.F. Sisulak, Simon Fraser University

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