December 20, 2016  New geoscience in the Purcell Basin
December 02, 2016  New Interpretation of Magnetic Data in Northeast BC
October 18, 2016  New Geothermal Exploration Prospecting Tool for BC: Curie Point Depth Mapping Pilot Study
September 22, 2016  Geoscience BC's Natural Gas Atlas Maps the Signatures of Province's Natural Gas Deposits
September 21, 2016  New Bedrock Geology Maps for Explorers in British Columbia
September 19, 2016  Geoscience BC Announces New Members to Board of Directors
July 27, 2016  Geoscience BC Launches Largest Airborne Magnetic Survey in its History
July 13, 2016  Geoscience BC Welcomes Bas Brusche and Ron Prasad
July 11, 2016  Geoscience BC Announces 2016 Scholarship Winners
June 27, 2016  Geoscience BC Releases Comprehensive Guide for BC Communities on Development of Direct-Use Geothermal
May 18, 2016  Geoscience BC receives $5 million in new funding from BC government for mineral, water and energy earth science
April 19, 2016  2016 Geoscience BC Scholarship Program is Now Open for Applications
April 11, 2016  Tree-Top Sampling Program May Help Uncover New Mineral Deposits in B.C.- Geoscience BC is looking at whether concentrations of trace amounts of metals found in trees could lead prospectors to the next big mineral discovery
April 06, 2016  Geoscience BC Releases First Data Reports on Groundwater Aquifers in the Peace Region
February 02, 2016  Geoscience BC Releases Report 2016-1: Summary of Activities 2015
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