August 22, 2018  New Research Projects Set to Enhance Mine Site Reclamation
July 26, 2018  BC Economic Atlas gets a boost with addition of Geoscience BC data
July 05, 2018  Geoscience BC quarterly update: Strategic plan, final Peace report and more
July 05, 2018  Geoscience BC calls for project proposals to generate new minerals research and data
June 26, 2018  Improved geochemistry data - Practicum student improves access to geochemistry data on the Earth Science Viewer
June 25, 2018  Geoscience BC increases technical literacy and capacity in BC with selection of 2018 Scholarship Program recipients
June 18, 2018  Geoscience BC at Resources for Generations (RFG)
June 13, 2018  Machine learning pinpoints mineral deposits in northwest British Columbia
May 24, 2018  Geoscience BC is hiring!
May 22, 2018  New Geoscience BC Peace Project data key to water management and responsible resource development in northeast BC
April 25, 2018  Geoscience BC 2018 Scholarship Application Deadline Approaching!
April 19, 2018  New analysis method highlights location of buried mineral deposits in west-central BC
April 17, 2018  New Geoscience BC strategic plan sets out vision for minerals, energy and water research
April 06, 2018  Virtual two-dimensional slices through BC's Kootenays help explorers target the next Sullivan deposit
March 26, 2018  New reports deliver "most detailed picture ever" of groundwater in the Peace region
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