July 19, 2007
Report Release: Comparative Assessment of Soil Geochemical Methods for Detecting Buried Mineral Deposits -- 3Ts Au-Ag Prospect, Central British Columbia: Final Report

 Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the release of Geoscience BC Report 2007-7 "A Comparative Assessment of Soil Geochemical Methods for Detecting Buried Mineral Deposits - 3Ts Au-Ag Prospect, Central British Columbia" by Stephen Cook and Colin Dunn.

The full report and executive summary are available here.

Geoscience BC Report 2007-7 describes the methods and results of a multimedia geochemical orientation survey conducted during June and July 2005 over the 3Ts epithermal Au-Ag prospect in the Interior Plateau region. Effective mineral exploration in the Nechako Plateau and adjoining regions of central British Columbia has been hindered for many years by thick forest cover, an extensive blanket of till and other glacial deposits and, locally, widespread Tertiary basalt cover. This project, funded by Geoscience BC, investigates the surficial geochemical response in soils and Quaternary materials of epithermal Au-Ag mineralization at 3Ts. This region is highly prospective for the discovery of epithermal Au deposits, among other mineral deposit types, and the low-sulphidation 3Ts prospect is one of the more significant examples in central BC of this type.

The objective of this project was to determine and recommend the most effective field and laboratory geochemical methods for property-scale evaluation of buried mineral targets in drift-covered terrain, by 1) evaluating the most suitable soil media and horizons for field sampling, and 2) evaluating and comparing commercially available analytical methods. No similar publicly available comparative geochemical methodology studies have been conducted in the western Cordillera. This project complements the parallel Geoscience BC research project by Colin Dunn (Geoscience BC Project 2005-008) on the effective use of halogen geochemistry of soils and vegetation for exploration.

For more details on this project, please refer to project reports published in Geoscience BC Report 2006-1, or to the project page on Geoscience BC's website (Geoscience BC Project 2005-009).

For more information about Geoscience BC, please visit our website at www.geosciencebc.com.

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