August 04, 2006
Geoscience BC is pleased to announce Andrew Calvert as Nechako Basin Project Leader

 Dr Calvert will have responsibility for the development and oversight of projects focused on the geological assessment of the oil and gas potential of the Nechako Basin in central British Columbia. He will also be responsible for coordinating collaboration with the oil industry, geoscience organizations in the provincial and federal governments, and academia.

Dr Calvert is Professor of geophysics in the Department of Earth Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and has worked previously for Western Geophysical, Schlumberger and PanCanadian Petroleum both internationally and in Canada. He is an applied seismologist specializing in the use of oil industry seismic imaging methods in different geological environments. He has carried out much of his academic research as part of the internationally recognized Canadian Lithoprobe project, and has published over 40 scientific papers in leading geoscience journals.

Geoscience BC is in the process of acquiring a part-ownership in existing seismic and gravity data collected over the Nechako Basin in the 1970s and 1980s to use in planning new geophysical surveys to determine the oil and gas potential of this area. In addition, GBC is supporting pilot tests of advanced geophysical methods (including magnetotellurics and passive microseimic) to assist in imaging the structure of the basin through the overlying Chilcotin basalts. GBC is also supporting university-based research, at UBC and SFU, to study the Chilcotin basalts and the reservoir potential of the southern Nechako, respectively.

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