December 17, 2015  Geothermal potential of the Nazko area, central British Columbia
November 04, 2015  New information for gold explorers in southeastern British Columbia
October 20, 2015  Rapid surface water analysis for mineral exploration
October 08, 2015  Celebrating a decade of independent earth science for British Columbia
October 07, 2015  Launching the Earth Science Viewer and New Data
September 23, 2015  Geoscience BC to evaluate new oil plays for northeastern British Columbia
September 17, 2015  Geoscience BC to explore geothermal energy opportunities for BC communities
September 16, 2015  MDRU Regolith Geology and Geochemistry course
September 14, 2015  Geoscience BC Announces New Members and Chair to Board of Directors
September 10, 2015  $2.4 million Search project encourages investment in northwest British Columbia
July 30, 2015  Geoscience BC welcomes Janice Fingler and Candice Ridyard
July 24, 2015  Geoscience BC releases study results identifying water disposal zones in northeast BC
July 17, 2015  Geoscience BC Releases Study Results of Economic Viability of Geothermal Resources in British Columbia
July 16, 2015  Geoscience BC Announces 2015 Scholarship Winners
July 07, 2015  Geoscience BC is Moving!

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