May 09, 2013  Society of Economic Geologists and SEG Canada Foundation - Whistler 2013: Geoscience for Discovery
May 06, 2013  Geoscience BC announces the appointment of Andrea Clifford as Project Coordinator and Communications Manager
April 25, 2013  Geoscience BC Announces Departure of President and CEO
April 22, 2013  *REMINDER* 2013 Scholarship Award Application Deadline
April 12, 2013  Data Release: Six New Terrain Maps in the McLeod Lake Map area (NTS 093J), British Columbia
April 09, 2013  Data Release: Geology of the Burrell Creek Map Sheet (NTS 82E/09), Southeast BC
March 26, 2013  New Geoscience BC Project Announcement - Please join us!
March 26, 2013  Geoscience BC Launches New TREK Project
March 19, 2013  2013 Geoscience BC Scholarship Awards
March 14, 2013  Geoscience BC Seeks Project Coordinator & Communications Manager
March 14, 2013  Geoscience BC Releases Two Reports: Ice Flow maps (NTS 093G, H & J), and New ICP-MS Geochemistry (NTS 082F)
March 13, 2013  East Kootenay Chamber of Mines Core Library Update
January 28, 2013  Geoscience BC Releases Four Reports at Mineral Exploration Roundup
January 28, 2013  Geoscience BC Releases First Results from Northern Vancouver Island Exploration Geoscience Project
January 28, 2013  Geoscience BC Announces New Minerals Project in Interior Plateau / Nechako Region

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