July 14, 2011  New Hydrologic Modelling to Assist with Water Allocation Decisions
July 11, 2011  Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences Special Issue on "New Insights in Cordilleran Intermontane Geoscience: Reducing Exploration Risk in the Mountain Pine Beetle-Affected Area of British Columbia"
June 16, 2011  Montney Water Project Update - Publicly Available Data
May 10, 2011  Geoscience BC Receives a $12 Million Commitment for Public Geoscience in BC
April 28, 2011  Geoscience BC Announces QUEST-Northwest Project
April 21, 2011  Geoscience BC Announces Airborne Electromagnetic Survey in the Horn River Basin
April 18, 2011  Geoscience BC Releases Reports 2011-5 and 2011-9
April 05, 2011  Geoscience BC Releases Two Publications at the BC Unconventional Gas Technical Forum
March 16, 2011  Geoscience BC Releases Report 2011-4 "Regional Stream Sediment and Water Geochemical Data, Vancouver Island, British Columbia"
March 02, 2011  2011 Geoscience BC Scholarship Awards
February 09, 2011  Geoscience BC Releases Report 2011-3: The Application of Surface Organic Materials as Sample Media over Deeply Buried Mineralization at the Kwanika Central Zone, North-Central BC
January 24, 2011  Geoscience BC Releases Report 2011-2: Northern BC Sample Reanalysis Project
January 24, 2011  Geoscience BC Releases Report 2011-1: Summary of Activities 2010
January 19, 2011  Geoscience BC Issues a Request for Proposals for a Horn River Basin Water Monitoring Study
January 18, 2011  Geoscience BC at Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference

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