December 20, 2007  Geoscience BC QUEST Project Update
December 05, 2007  New Geology Maps in Whitesail Lake Map Area, British Columbia
October 29, 2007  Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the appointment of Garth Kirkham as Vice President, Industry Liaison, and Stephen Williams as Information Specialist.
October 05, 2007  Hutchison Medal Lecture Tour in Vancouver October 11
October 04, 2007  Final Report Release: Halogens in Surface Exploration Geochemistry: Evaluation and Development of Methods for Detecting Buried Mineral Deposits
September 13, 2007  Request for Proposals: Geoscience to Stimulate Exploration Activity in British Columbia
September 04, 2007  Mountain Pine Beetle Data Repository Version 1.0 Release
August 29, 2007  South Nechako Basin & Cariboo Basin Geochemical Data Release
August 23, 2007  Geochemical Data Releases
August 17, 2007  Geoscience BC seeks Vice President
August 10, 2007  Geoscience BC QUEST Project Update
July 19, 2007  Report Release: Comparative Assessment of Soil Geochemical Methods for Detecting Buried Mineral Deposits -- 3Ts Au-Ag Prospect, Central British Columbia: Final Report
July 10, 2007  Northern Trust Announces $750,000 Funding for Geoscience Surveys to Diversify the Mackenzie Region's Economy
June 28, 2007  Geoscience BC Announces Scholarship Winners
June 12, 2007  Province Backs Quest To Unlock Mineral Potential
June 06, 2007  Skeena Arch Metallogenic Data and Map
May 14, 2007  Geoscience BC Planning For New Regional Surveys in Central BC
April 30, 2007  Geoscience BC Appoints New Directors to the Board
April 03, 2007  New Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometric and Magnetic Data in Bonaparte Lake Area
March 14, 2007  Geoscience BC announces the creation of a Technical Advisory Committee to oversee oil and gas projects in British Columbia
February 20, 2007  Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the appointment of Christa Sluggett as Project Geologist and Communications Coordinator
January 30, 2007  New Magnetic Data for the Jennings River Area - Northern B.C.
January 30, 2007  Geoscience BC Creates Scholarships for University Students Working in British Columbia

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