Techno-Economic Assessment of Geothermal Energy Resources in the Sedimentary Basin
in Northeastern British Columbia

Project code: 2016-047

Project type: Geothermal

Proponent: Dr. Peter Wild and Kevin Palmer-Wilson, University of Victoria

Project location: Northeastern BC

This project assesses the resource potential and cost of geothermal power production in northeastern BC.

The Need
Northeastern BC is generally not considered BC's geothermal "hot spot" but the vast amount of geological data generated by the oil and gas sector shows it is vastly under-rated. In a previous Geoscience BC-supported project (2014-037), the cost of producing electricity in northeast BC was estimated to be higher than the rest of the province. Understanding current drilling costs in the region and making better use of existing geological data may refine the geothermal exploration costs for this region.

Project Goals
The project is:

  • Investigating potential suitable geothermal development sites beyond Clarke Lake and Jedney,
  • Assessing key technical parameters for power production potential (e.g. flow rates and temperatures)
  • Assessing key economic parameters, and
  • Quantifying the impact of technical and economic parameter uncertainties on cost of electricity.

Project Benefits
Results from the project will build upon previous geothermal research in the project area, improving the understanding of, and hopefully decreasing, estimated costs around geothermal exploration in development in northeast BC.

Survey Area
The area of investigation is in northeastern British Columbia, east of the Rocky Mountains to the BC/Alberta border. The area extends north to the BC/NWT border, and south to Dawson Creek.

The Detail

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