Merging Geological, Seismic Reflection and Magnetotelluric Data in the Purcell Anticlinorium

Project code: 2016-001

Project type: Minerals and Mining

Proponent: Fred Cook of Salt Spring Imaging Ltd.

Project location: Southeast BC

This project is re-examining the potential for undiscovered sulphide mineralization in BC's Belt-Purcell Basin using existing and publicly-available information.

The Need
There have been many attempts to find 'another Sullivan mine' in southeastern BC, with most work focused on the 'Sullivan time' or 'Sullivan horizon' (between the top of the Lower Aldridge and the middle of the Middle Aldridge formations). However, zones above and below this horizon have demonstrated economic potential in other parts of BC (St. Eugene vein system near Moyie) and the United States (Troy, Montanore and Rock Creek deposits in Montana). This suggests that there is undiscovered mineral potential in southeast BC.

This project will attempt to define zones that may contain sulphide mineralization, using existing geological and geophysical datasets.

Project Goals

  • Invert existing magnetotelluric data for southeast BC,
  • Correlate geology, seismic reflection data and MT inversions to help delineate stratigraphically controlled zones with high electrical conductivity that may contain sulphide mineralization.

Project Benefits
This project is using existing geological and geophysical data to identify potential zones of interest in southeastern BC. If successful, this could attract and target new exploration interest in the region.

Survey Area
The project is focused in southeastern BC, from the communities of Kimberley and Cranbrook south to the BC/USA border.

How was the data collected?
Geophysical data for this project comes from the University of Calgary (Seismic Reflection profiles and a deep exploration drill hole originally conducted by Duncan Energy in the mid-1980's) and the Geological Survey of Canada (magnetotelluric data). Additional geological information will come from existing maps for the region.

The Detail

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