Identification of New Resource Oil Plays in Northeast British Columbia's Portion of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Over the past 60 years, oil has been produced in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin of northeastern British Columbia. Most of the historical and current oil production has been from vertical wells that tapped into traps within favorable rock strata. The oil from these conventional resources was relatively easy to extract, but is becoming become more difficult to find.

With new drilling, development and extractive technology, there is now potential for oil resources in underexplored areas of the the basin that includes: tight oil plays (clastic or carbonate reservoirs with low permeability), halo oil plays (fringes of conventional clastic or carbonate reservoirs), and shale oil plays (shale and mudstone). The purpose of this project is to provide information to support decision making around exploration and development of these unconventional oil resources, through identification and evaluation of potential resource plays in northeastern British Columbia.

The project is a collaboration between Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.,Trican Geological Solutions and Taurus Reservoir Solutions. The team will work through three research phases conducted over 18 months, consisting of Phase 1: resource play identification and ranking, followed by Phase 2: analytical and laboratory work focused on core and sample cuttings from high ranking plays identified in phase 1, and Phase 3: Play characterization and modelling of potential reservoir characteristics, by incorporating data from phases 1 and 2. Upon completion of the project, results will be made available on this website as a comprehensive report with related data products and maps.

This project is fully funded by Geoscience BC, a non-profit society committed to providing quality earth science information.

Sept 23, 2015: Geoscience BC News Release - Geoscience BC to evaluate new oil plays for northeastern British Columbia

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