Toward an Improved Basis for Beneath-Cover Mineral Exploration in the QUEST Area, Central British Columbia: New Structural Interpretation of Geophysical and Geological Datasets
(NTS 093A, B, G, H, J, K, N)

- M. Sánchez, T. Bissig and P. Kowalczyk

The bedrock geology of the Geoscience BC's QUEST project area, especially in the Prince George area, remains poorly defined despite the wealth of publicly available regional geophysical and geochemical data. This new structural interpretation aims to improve previous geological maps for the area by pairing field observations with new and systematic multi-dataset 'stacking' methodology for interpretation of existing geophysical and satellite data.

The goal is to generate an updated 1:400 000 scale geological map for the QUEST project area, including digital files with the new set of geophysical filters by spring of 2015. This new dataset will contribute to a better understanding of BC's geology and will be usable as a base layer for the exploration of porphyry-style deposits across the QUEST project area.

Posters and Presentations
2015: New Structural and Geophysical Interpretations for Beneath-Cover Mineral Exploration in the QUEST Area, Central British Columbia
- Mineral Exploration Roundup Presentation (pdf, 40 MB)
Technical Articles
2015: "Toward an improved basis for beneath-cover mineral exploration in the QUEST area: new structural interpretation of geophysical and geological datasets"
- Summary of Activities 2014, Report 2015-1 p. 53-62 (pdf, 4.4 MB)

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