Quantification of the Gas and Liquids in Place and Flow Characteristics of Shale and other Fine Grained Facies in British Columbia (NTS 094J, K, N, O)
- Marc Bustin, UBC

In recent years, the rapid growth of the natural gas sector in B.C. has slowed because of lower gas prices. As a result, the industry has turned to shale rocks that produce either liquids or in which significant liquids accompany gas production. This project will attempt to predict the distribution of liquid hydrocarbon in shale rocks and their production rates.

This project has two components:

  1. Development of better methodologies for quantifying gas and liquid in place in gas shale and shale oil reservoirs and measuring matrix flow characteristics (relative permeability and diffusivity); and
  2. Quantification of the gas and liquids in place and flow capacity of important producing shales in northeastern BC using established and new methodologies.

The research program will target the Exshaw, Doig, Montney, Nordegg and Wilrich formations along with equivalent strata, or rock beds, in northeast BC and potentially other strata. To date, these rocks remain poorly characterized in terms of regional shale gas/shale oil potential and are known to contain significant hydrocarbon liquids in some areas. The research will help promote and focus exploration activities in BC.

Technical Articles
2015: "Quantification of the gas- and liquid-in-place and flow characteristics of shale and other fine-grained facies in northeastern British Columbia"
- Summary of Activities 2014, Report 2015-1 p. 89-94 (pdf, 1.1 MB)
2013: Mapping and Characterization of Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Fairways in Northeast BC
-Quantifying the Gas and Liquids in Place and the Flow Characteristics of Shale and other Fine Grained Facies in BC Project Brochure, pdf

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