QUEST Project Property File Update (NTS 93[all sheets], 94A, 94B, 94C, 94D)
- Nicole Barlow, Purple Rock Editing

In this project, geoscientific documents from the BC Geological Survey's Property File were scanned and used to make available additional geological information pertaining to Geoscience BC's QUEST areas. Property File Project AreaProperty File is now an online database accessible at; the original hard-copy archive contains an estimated 100 000 geoscientific documents from the last 150 years of BC's mining history, of which approximately 9000 are available online including the 2860 contributed in this project.

Documents used in this project were donated to Property File's Industry File by companies including Cyprus-Anvil, Rimfire, Chevron and Placer Dome. The documents were sorted, culled, catalogued, scanned, indexed, posted to the online database and cross-referenced with any related MINFILE occurrences. In total, 481 MINFILE occurrences were updated and 17 new MINFILE occurrences were identified.

These and other locations examined in the past and documented in Property File may have become of economic significance since the publication of the original reports. By synthesizing information found in the Property File database with the information from the ARIS and MINFILE databases and the MapPlace, exploration companies can save both cost and effort to find viable occurrences that were once unviable due to location or grade.

Posters and Presentations
2009: Property File: The Next Great Addition
- Mineral Exploration Roundup Poster (pdf, 5.34MB)

Technical Articles
2010: "QUEST and QUEST-West Property File: analysis and integration of Property File's Industry File documents with British Columbia's MINFILE (NTS 093, 094A, B, C, D, 103I)"
- Summary of Activities 2009, Report 2010-1 p.175-188 (pdf, 8.5 MB)

Final Deliverables
Geoscience BC Report 2009-17
QUEST Project Property File Update

Geoscience BC Report 2009-17 (also released as BCGS Open File 2009-10) includes a database of all QUEST Property File documents made available online as part of this project, links to new MINFILE occurrences identified during the project and KML files for viewing the updates in Google Earth.


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