Google Earth Data Explorer (NTS 93 [all sheets], 94A, 94B, 94C, 94D)
- Will Cadell, Timberline Natural Resource Group
- Geoff Mulligan, Golder Associates

Google Earth Data Explorer Project Area Geoscience BC has invested considerable time, effort and money in providing mineral exploration groups with a wealth of new geoscience data in the central interior of BC, data that will surely change the face of mineral exploration in the province. With highly technical products like 'data' it is crucial that it is both accessible and interpretable. Often data in its rawest form can be very difficult to work with. This project offers one solution to this problem.

In partnership, the two proponents will deliver a Google Earth based data exploration tool. This tool will allow the user to interact directly with the data provided by Geoscience BC whilst adding value in the form of topographic context. Additionally the user will be able to investigate the data in both a geographic and tabular manner using simple analytical tools.. The huge benefits of three dimensional visualisation, a consistent user interface and recent imagery from using the Google Earth platform will provide the user with an exceptional data exploration environment.

Final Deliverables
Geoscience BC Report 2009-8
Google Earth Data Explorer

In partnership with Geoscience BC, Timberline Natural Resource Group and Golder Associates have developed a Google Earth-based Query tool for the exploration of the QUEST project geochemical data recently reanalysed by Geoscience BC.

Being able to query the regional geochemical data provides the user an extra dimension of visualisation. Instead of seeing every point and having to discern which are the points of interest, the user is able to input specific criteria into a web form and the result will be the selected points which match the criteria, delivered directly into Google Earth. This way each user is empowered with a tool to allow for the exploration of the Geoscience BC data, interacting with it rather than simply witnessing it.

Technical Articles
2010: "Development of a Google Earth query tool for wider dissemination of British Columbia data to the geoscience community"
- Summary of Activities 2009, Report 2010-1 p.171-174 (pdf, 909 KB)


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