Geoscience BC Maps 2007-3-01 to 9 and 2007-4-01-8/ GSC Open Files 5488 - 5504

Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometric and Magnetic Data in Bonaparte Lake Area

Report Components
Name Geoscience BC
Open File
Bonaparte Lake East (helicopter) Bonaparte Lake West (fixed-wing)
Metadata Map Download Metadata Map Download
92P/1 Louis Creek 2007-3-01 5504 (data) (maps)    
2007-4-01 5497     (data) (maps)
92P/2 Criss Creek 2007-4-02 5498     (data) (maps)
92P/3 Loon Lake 2007-4-03 5503     (data) (maps)
92P/6 Green Lake 2007-4-04 5502     (data) (maps)
92P/7 Bridge Lake 2007-3-02 5488 (data) (maps)    
2007-4-05 5501     (data) (maps)
92P/8 Chu Chua Creek 2007-3-03 5489 (data) (maps)    
92P/9 Clearwater 2007-3-04 5490 (data) (maps)    
92P/10 Deka Lake 2007-3-05 5492 (data) (maps)    
2007-4-06 5499     (data) (maps)
92P/11 100 Mile House 2007-4-07 5500     (data) (maps)
92P/14 Lac La Hache 2007-3-06 5493 (data) (maps)    
2007-4-08 5491     (data) (maps)
92P/15 Canim Lake 2007-3-07 5494 (data) (maps)    
92P/16 Mahood Lake 2007-3-08 5495 (data) (maps)    
93A/3 Eagle (Murphy) Lake 2007-3-09 5496 (data) (maps)    

Report Description
A high-resolution aeromagnetic and airborne gamma-ray spectrometric geophysical survey in the Bonaparte Lake area (parts of NTS 92P and 093A) was completed in 2006. Funding for the survey was provided by Geoscience BC, Natural Resources Canada's Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI3), Candorado Operating Company Ltd., GWR Resources Inc. and Amarc Resources Ltd. Project management was undertaken by the Geological Survey of Canada.

The western portion of the survey area was surveyed with a fixed-wing by Sander Geophysics Ltd., while the eastern portion was surveyed with a helicopter by Fugro Airborne Surveys. This map, in UTM Zone 10 projection, features 2 magnetic parameters, residual total magnetic field and first vertical derivative of the magnetic field, and multisensor gamma ray spectrometric geophysical data.

Example Reference
Dumont, R., Potvin, J., Carson, J.M., Harvey, B.J.A., Coyle, M., Shives, R.B.K. and Ford, K.L. (2007): Geophysical Series -- Louis Creek (east) 92P/01, British Columbia, Bonaparte Lake East geophysical survey; Geological Survey of Canada Open File 5504 and Geoscience BC Map 2007-3-01; 10 sheets.

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