Magnetotelluric Profiles of the Nechako Basin (NTS 92N, 92O, 93B, 93C, 93F, 93G)
- Jim Craven, Natural Resources Canada

Magnetotelluric Survey Project Area The Nechako Basin is an interior basin within central British Columbia wherein only limited hydrocarbon exploration has been carried out. This can be attributed to a number of factors particularly the limited number of outcrops of the rocks of interest. Another of the challenges in this basin is imaging potential sedimentary sequences through Paleogene and Neogene basaltic flows. Classic seismic techniques have had mixed results due to energy absorption and reflection by the volcanic units. These rocks also hamper the interpretation of gravity and magnetic data. As MT is sensitive to an independent parameter, namely electrical conductivity, it may be a useful tool for exploring the subsurface of the Basin. As such, the primary objectives for this project are the determination of the appropriate acquisition parameters for magnetotellurics as a tool for both oil and gas exploration and geological characterization of the Nechako Basin, and to directly evaluate the use of the technique via a test survey.

Posters and Presentations
2008: Initial Results of a test survey in the Nechako Basin, BC designed to determine the usefulness of the magnetotelluric method in oil and gas exploration
- Mineral Exploration Roundup Poster (pdf, 18.4MB)

2007: A preliminary look at magnetotellurics as a tool to examine the geology beneath the Chilcotin Group basalts
- Mineral Exploration Roundup Poster (pdf, 14.2MB)

Technical Articles
2011: "Near-surface and crustal-scale images of the Nechako basin, British Columbia, Canada, from magnetotelluric investigations"
- Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, Volume 48(6) p.987-999

2009: "Preliminary images of the conductivity structure of the Nechako Basin, south-central British Columbia from the magnetotelluric method"
- Summary of Activities 2008, Report 2009-1 p.175-182 (pdf, 4.49MB)

2008: "Designing a test survey in the Nechako Basin, south-central British Columbia to determine the usefulness of the magnetotelluric method in oil and gas exploration"
- Summary of Activities 2007, Report 2008-1 p.145-150 (pdf, 2.68MB)

2007: "Utility of Magnetotelluric Data in Unravelling the Stratigraphic-Structural Framework of the Nechako Basin (NTS 092N; 093C, B, G, H), South-Central British Columbia, from a Re-Analysis of 20-Year-Old Data"
- Geological Fieldwork 2006, Report 2007-1 p.395-403 (pdf, 3.98MB)

Final Deliverables
Geoscience BC Report 2009-13
Nechako Basin magnetotelluric data release: a geoscience for Mountain Pine Beetle response product - Craven, J A. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 5988, 2009 (zip, 10.9MB)

Report contains new magnetotelluric data collected as part of this project.


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