Public Release of Geoscience Data - Placer Dome (NTS 93A, 93B, 93C, 93F, 93G, 93J, 93K)

Placer Dome Pilot Study Area The scope of the Placer Dome Data Archives Project is to publicly release Placer Dome's geoscience data from undeveloped exploration properties within British Columbia. The geoscience data would be collected from Placer Dome's archives, converted into a modern GIS database, and made publicly available.

As the Placer Dome exploration archives are extensive for the province of BC, a Pilot Study of this project has been proposed to allow Geoscience BC to evaluate the results. The Pilot Study will include archived exploration projects from seven NTS mapsheets (93A / 93B / 93C / 93F / 93G / 93J / 93K).

These mapsheets were selected as the Pilot Study as they cover an area of British Columbia currently being affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic. Three of Placer Dome's former mines are within this study area (Equity Silver, Endako, Gibraltar) and the exploration archives are expected to be quite extensive. According to Placer Dome's archive catalog, there are over 200 exploration projects within the Pilot Study area.

Posters and Presentations
2006 : Placer Dome Data Archives Project
- Mineral Exploration Roundup Poster (pdf, 4.06MB)


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