Interpretation of Quaternary Sediments and Depth to Bedrock Through Data Compilation and Correction of Gamma Logs

Researcher(s):  Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

Report ID:  GBCR 2016-04

Key Research Organization(s):  Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

Strategic Focus Area:  Water

Report Description


Geoscience BC Report 2016-04 Geoscience BC has worked with industry, government agencies, and local stakeholders to assess available water resources in the BC Montney play fairway. Substantial progress has been made in understanding water resources in deep saline aquifers and in surface water bodies, but non-saline groundwater resources in unconsolidated aquifers and shallow bedrock are not as well known. Geoscience BC has undertaken the Peace Project to map groundwater resources in an 8000+ km2 area in the Peace Region, through the use of airborne geophysics (Geoscience BC Report 2016-03).

In support, Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. (PRCL) and Quaternary Geosciences Inc.(QGI) have completed a geological characterization of Quaternary and other nearsurface formations in the Peace Project area. Building on existing geological mapping and hydrogeological reports, the investigations used cased-hole gamma logs run through surface casing in petroleum boreholes to map depth to bedrock (and hence thickness of Quaternary cover), and the distribution of aquifer sands in the Quaternary section.

Deliverables from the study include a stratigraphic database summarizing interpretations from all petroleum boreholes (Appendix 1), a database tabulating depth to bedrock picks for water wells (Appendix 2), and surficial geology maps showing composition and thickness of the Quaternary section (depth to bedrock surface), along with interpreted outlines of paleovalley systems (Map 1, 2). These will be used to calibrate interpretations of Quaternary thickness and aquifers derived from airborne geophysical mapping in the main phase of Geoscience BC's Peace Project.

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Suggested Reference

Petrel Robertston Consulting Ltd. (2015): Interpretation of Quaternary Sediments and Depth to Bedrock Through Data Compilation and Correction of Gamma Logs. Geoscience BC, Report 2016-04.

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