Productivity Analysis of Stream Sediment Data from Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Lead Researcher(s):  D. C. Arne

Project ID:  2014-001

Key Research Organization(s):  CSA Global Canada Geosciences Ltd.

Project Location:  Vancouver Island

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


The terrain of northern Vancouver Island is considered ideal for the automated generation of catchment basins, which help define the zone of geological influence on a specific stream sediment sample site. For this reason, this project is using stream sediment data collected as part of the Northern Vancouver Island Exploration Geoscience Project, a partnership between Geoscience BC and the Island Coastal Economic Trust. New map products will be produced, adding value to existing stream sediment datasets by providing additional information not readily available to most prospectors and geologists working for small exploration companies. It is hoped that these new maps will encourage further mineral exploration on northern Vancouver Island.